Ziplining: What to Wear for This and Other Adventurous Activities

One can say, ziplining is the epitome of adrenaline rush high. It takes guts, will power and all that to convince yourself to try this adventurous activity. It can be risky and it is so bucket-list worthy. The experience will be elevated if it is within a jungle. One place where they offer this is Pepper and Clove Enclave which is located in the eco-tourism hub, Thenmala. Pepper and Clove Enclave has a whole program dedicated to outdoor adventure activities in Kerala that include ziplining and various other activities like bouldering, rappelling, climbing with jumar, bridge walking, etc. They structured it in a connected manner and it is scattered around the wide plot with trained supervisors who make sure you ace the deed, thereby learning a skill in case of each activity (strengthening your mind or your body) that could be applied in real life. Interesting, right?

So today we are going to cover the clothing aspect. What to wear and what not to wear when you indulge in some adventurous matters; especially, ziplining. You know you have to get the outfit right to enjoy the experience purely because the wrong outfits take away the comfort element and that is what we want the most in terms of clothing since we are already jumping out of our comfort zone by signing up for these activities. So you cannot compromise on the clothing, alright!

When it comes to footwear, go for close-toed SHOES, preferably, something with a shoelace to hold the shoes in place and no disturbing your peace of mind with a pair of socks to feel proper and to protect the feet as well as the shoes from getting the sweat deposits or the stink. So your feet are secured. I am going to emphasize on the fact that you should never wear flip-flops when you go for ziplining.

It is imperative to remember that you should be wrapped in enough clothes so that the harness and rope don’t pin into your skin but also, make sure you wear thin enough garments so that you could deal with excessive heat if you go for a tropical area to do the deed. Try not to wear anything double or triple your size as it could get stuck with the gear. Go for the fit types and legging or pants for the legs just so you are at your comfortable best. Furthermore, long hair ought to be tied up and any neckbands or dangly gems ought to be avoided. Try not to wear glasses except if they are secure and lashed to your head. This is so that they don’t get blown off in the breeze.

Ziplining isn’t really an extraordinary action (even little youngsters might be on your zip line visit), yet you should do the arrangements prior to the trip with the right attire for your experience. Ziplining is extremely fun and certainly justified, despite all the trouble, particularly when you’re travelling in another spot. Is there a superior method to find a workable pace scene than to fly over its highest point?

Clearly, the point of drop and length of the zipline will affect how quickly you go, so speed will fluctuate. Some are considerably more audacious than others. Thus Pepper and Clove provides the best outdoor adventure activities in Kerala.

I hope this was helpful enough! Tell me how your Ziplining saga went. Peace.

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