Spend Your Valentine’s Day at an ECO-FRIENDLY Place

Confused about what to do for Valentine’s Day 2020? How about a cup of adventure and a sprinkle of luxury at an eco-friendly touristy spot? You and your love in the presence of nature. You would have a beautiful view in front of you and around you. It would be splendid.

Go somewhere with waterfalls that mesmerize you and make it all seem surreal; A picturesque location that would enable you to enlighten your souls and maybe rekindle the spark that went missing along the way or just hike the feelings you have for each other by hiking together. Sounds ideal, right?

While you are there in this ethereal area, feeling like you are part of a movie, you would want to get that adrenaline rush of yours in check with some risky things in life that give you a feeling you are going to die. You take the risk with a little hope that you are going to be okay when ziplining. Nothing is more exhilarating than ziplining though there are other activities like rappelling, bouldering, climbing with Jumar, Bridge Walking and Net walking to name a few. It would be like learning new skills under the supervision of a couple of experts in the field. That would be great to do these nerve-wracking activities with your love on valentine’s day. It could be a sweaty affair but just like how these activities make you stronger, your relationship would also be stronger because you have struggled and succeeded together. The views would be your reward.

Do you feel the excitement building up? To top it off, you get to sleep in tents. It cannot get more romantic than this. Stargazing in the night with food and music or just conversations: deep and meaningful ones and the connection gets stronger.

Now you want to find out the perfect place that lets you get this insane experience. Don’t worry, we got you covered for that as well. Behold, Pepper and Clove Enclave. It is a destination that lets you enjoy nature to the maximum. Set in Thenmala, located in Kerala, Pepper and Clove Enclave captures Thenmala at its essence. To be more detailed, it is situated in Palaruvi Village which hosts the renowned Palaruvi waterfalls which holds medicinal values and it is a sight to be cherished. There is a wildlife sanctuary in the place as well that goes by the name Shendurney. You can go for a Jungle Safari. Then comes the Kallada river which holds the Thenmala dam with a couple of honours like the longest artificial reservoir. Being here would correct the derailment when it comes to preserving nature. People tend to be ignorant when it comes to the environment that resulted in hazardous events all around the world. This would be an eye-opener and makes you want to do better.

This resort has a special section for adventure and survival activities which contains the adventurous side I suggested to you.

In conclusion, Pepper & Clove is the real deal. It is the whole package and you should go with your loved one (ECO-FRIENDLY). Period.

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