Top 3 Eco-Tourism Places in Kerala

It is high time we make more room for eco-tourism. We are facing the wrath of nature in different parts of the world which are the consequences of our actions. We have been careless and ignorant for too long that nature is being adversely affected. Let’s get inspired: We have to do our part by eliminating plastics, finding places for the disposal of waste and sign up petitions or do whatever it takes to make the government strategize to spread eco-tourism like wildfire in the country.

Kerala is where I am from and we have our fair share of eco-tourism. Let’s appreciate it. So, here are the top 3 places which practice eco-tourism, according to me (The opinions may or may not be biased)


Thenmala is the first place to set an example for being a planned eco-friendly spot in India. It has an abundance of picturesque locations that are going to refresh your exhausted soul. There is the Thenmala dam which holds the credits of being the second-largest irrigation project and the longest reservoir in Kerala. The water from the reservoir contributes to power generation. You indulge in boating in this water resource. Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary surrounds the area which elevates the whole experience. You can Jeep Safari the way, lowkey interacting with the fauna and have an exhilarating experience. There is Palaruvi village in the vicinity which gives you access to the Palaruvi waterfalls with its water element which is believed to have medicinal values. It is the perfect picnic spot. Also, this village will introduce you to Pepper and Clove Enclave which is one of the best Thenmala resorts in Kerala. They have their set of adventure and survival activities prepared for you which will instil courage in you and it is worth checking out. Thenmala must be on top of your list.


Gavi is a village in the Pathanamthitta district nearby Kumili. The place is within the Ranni Reserve Forest and part of the Periyar Tiger Reserve. This place is perfect for birdwatchers. You will pass through an array of dams, tea and cardamom plantations, waterfalls or forests with elephants. You can indulge in boating and canoeing in the reservoir. Gavi can brag about its Pullumedu Peak because when you reach the top you are blessed with a panoramic picturesque view. You can even spot Sabarimala. Meenar is there for you to hike your heart out. You can go for adventurous or just plain relaxation at this eco-friendly place.


It is a wildlife sanctuary that takes eco-tourism to another level. It covers 277 sq km of are between several hill ranges. There exists a Teak plantation here and it is maintained through the use of Science. Kannimara Teak tree is 350 years old and it is the tallest out there. The area consists of 3 dams, which is the reason the sanctuary has reservoirs that are connected with each other through tunnels, rivers, and canals. This is a place you can’t miss out on if you are an ardent wildlife person because this place is home to a couple of Bengal tigers and lion-tailed macaque.

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