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Looking for an exquisite getaway into the lap of Nature? Waking up in the midst of lush green woods, to the sounds of chirping birds, gushing streams and murmuring leaves, Pepper & Clove™ Enclave would be your ideal escape spot. Hidden in the picturesque village of Palaruvi in Thenmala, we promise an amazing experience to all our visitors.

Nicknamed the ‘Honey Hills’ (Then-Mala), Thenmala is a tiny pristine village, nestled in the southern end of the Western Ghats. This hidden gem, now gaining popularity, is India’s first planned ecotourism destination.

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We at Pepper & Clove™ Enclave offer a plethora of activities, from soothing relaxation to crazy adventure! You can completely unwind and rejuvenate, and relax your body, mind and soul. Or venture out for adrenaline pumping adventure sports, or to follow nature’s trails. We give you the best of services, combining fun and leisure, making it ideal for honeymooners, friends, families and corporate teams.

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Eco Tourism -Eco Friendly Resorts in Kerala

Eco friendly resorts in Kerala-Trekking in Kerala-Pepper and Clove

Pepper and Clove Enclave -Eco Friendly Resorts in Kerala- The Adventure Tourist places in Kerala-Being India’s first planned ecotourism destination, Thenmala is a unique destination offering great opportunities for adventure and leisure. Thenmala’s eco friendly    and adventurous tourism mainly focuses on preserving, protecting and improving the natural environment and is regarded as a responsible tourism initiatives of the government.   Normally when you hear the place “Thenmala” you think about eco-friendly-resorts. More than that, you think about breaking a sweat and trekking or hiking. You think about the greenery. The trees and the plants. Nature. Wild Animals. Basically, ADVENTURE. There is more to it than these things you assume about the place. There is so much more to it like you can attain serenity. You can develop a better connection with your inner self, other people and nature. There is so much to discover in Thenmala. One of the best resorts in Thenmala that you can check in while you are on an exploring spree is ‘Pepper and Clove Enclave’. The main fact that it is located within Palaruvi Village makes it a convenient place to stay and uncover, thereby, allowing you to have the whole Thenmala experience in the best way possible because… YOLO (You Only Live Once). Palaruvi – The Adventure Tourist places in Kerala – might sound familiar to you because this village is home to the reputed Palaruvi waterfalls. The medicinal value part pertaining to the water there is true. It has been proved. It is a sight to behold. The water of the waterfall falls from a height of approximately 300 feet. You would be mesmerized by its beauty. It is like those places you see in the movies. So beautiful that you could make that a picnic spot. You could spend an ample amount of time with your loved ones with some food and drinks. You would love it. They would love it. Everybody would be so happy. You could forget all your worries and just calm down. It would be super refreshing. You could even take a swim. If you are not into swimming you could just dip your feet and be comfortable. Either way, it would be a surreal experience. And something you should not miss out on. . Another place you can go to bless your soul would be the Thenmala Dam. Now what is so special about this dam is that it was artificially constructed and immediately stole the spot of the longest artificial reservoir in Kerala as well as the second-largest irrigational project in the same area. It is built across the Kallada river. It is allowed for people to indulge in boating in that area and take in that ethereal landscape. I do not think anything can up  the revival; nature can do for you. This is the perfect vacation you require and it covers all the aspects. Additionally, thenmala the dam is surrounded by Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary. You can experience Jungle Safari. It cannot get cooler than this. If you know about the place and you don’t go, your FOMO will kill you. Let’s not take a chance and encounter this experience first-hand. Make a move, now so your conscious would be satisfied and you will update your mind with a fresh perspective and the zest you need to move forward in life. Book your vacation trip now with Pepper & Clove Enclave, one of the best resorts in Thenmala. Period.

THINGS TO DO- Eco Friendly Resorts

Thenmala Dam

The dam that is built across the Kallada river side , the Thenmala Parappar dam offers a breathtakingly beautiful view, apart from being the longest artificial reservoir and the second-largest irrigational project in Kerala. Besides, the water is used to generate electricity, utilizing the resources to the maximum. Boating facilities are also provided on the pristine waters of this reservoir, to take in more of its picturesque location as well as the woods of the surrounding Shendurney Wildlife sanctuary. This is as refreshing as it gets and it would be an experience of a lifetime which one should not miss out on.

Palaruvi Waterfalls

Palaruvi ‘as it literally means  to, is a delightful and irresistible picnic spot offering a refreshing dip in the waters. Surrounded by lush green valleys and herbs, the water here is believed to be rich in medicinal properties. Nevertheless, the white foamy waterfalls, coming down from a height of almost 300 feet, provide for a majestically beautiful sight in Palaruvi. Also, it happens to be the 32nd largest waterfall in the country.

Adventure & Survival-Eco Friendly Resorts in Kerala

Pepper & Clove™ Enclave- Eco  Friendly Resorts in Kerala promotes its Adventure and Survival activates like Trekking in Kerala in its approximately 5 acres of ECO resort. Our unique location allows us to provide the adventure and survival  activities experience that capture your mind beyond imagination. The focus is to educate the youth to love Mother Nature and strengthening their resilience and ruggedness while developing your leadership and mentorship quality. The learning experience will find you to discover and conquer obstacles both outdoors and within your self. Pepper & Clove™— Eco  Friendly Resorts in Kerala equipped with trained instructors and facilities are made and tested with international standard. The activities like trekking in Kerala are designed for medically and physically fit Children from the age of 12 and adults. Basically, it is a string of inter-connected activities. After each activity, you will become equipped with a skill that could be applied in life and you have no option but to ace those activities. The activities include climbing with jumar, bridge walking, rappeling, ziplining, bouldering and a variety of exciting and adventurous activities that will set your adrenaline rush to a new high. ‘Amazing’ does not really define the whole experience. It can be called enlightening.

Surround yourself with nature and the natural halo. Fill yourself with positivity. Stay Compassionate. Live and Let Live should be your motto and while you are at it invite everyone you know to have the pepper and clove enclave experience. Trust us, they will be thankful to you.

“Your comfort zone will kill you”. This is a quote I read on Instagram recently, posted by @thegoodquote which is an enlightening page if you are looking for your daily dose of positivity and motivational lines. I highly recommend the page. Okay, so let’s get to the quote. It is hands down the truth because if you are in your comfort zone, there exists no room for growth. You will be stuck neither going backward or forward.  This is not a state that people usually desire to be. You become further rigid and you question your existence and anxiety  in with no intention of leaving you alone. Negativity clouds up your mind. Mental illness takes over. It is a trap that eventually kills you. This is why you need to step out. It does not matter if those are baby steps. The point is you are allowing yourself to grow. Do not keep living a monotonous life. Do not settle. You deserve the best and so much more.
To make life interesting , we are going to suggest you try out the Adventure and Survival Activities offered by Pepper & Clove Enclave, which is one of the Thenmala resorts in Kerala. The place is known for its eco-friendliness. This is the kind of change you need to have in your life to loosen up the mental and physical constraints. Take some time off from the monotonousness and spend some ‘you’ time. You can go alone or with your squad, whichever way it works for you. This gives you a  relaxation you are looking for in life. Why we suggested this place is because this place makes you active and fill your mind with the will power to deal with predicaments. The place is around 5 acres. So, there would be a sum of   10 activities in total that are interconnected. As you finish each activity, it would gets more intense. Rappelling, Climbing with Jumar, Ziplining and Bouldering are some of the activities they make us participate in. When you are in the field, your fearful side gets turned off because of the positivity and the motivation. Your daring side would get activated and eventually, you would learn to incorporate that side of you in life which is definitely a perk. This is one of the best places for trekking in Kerala.
This is what you need to pull yourself out of the comfort zone that you got so used to and that which prevented you from growing. Super exciting, right? These activities will push your limits and let you accomplish great things in life.
You will get the entire natural experience by spending the night in a tent or go for some high-class luxury with the executive rooms. The whole package makes it the best resort in Palaruvi.
Do not procrastinate. Do it for yourself. Sign up ASAP and have a life-altering experience!